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BRITBUK is an adults-only (21+ NSFW) blog devoted exclusively to the Facials/Bukkake genre. Im Jota, the webmaster here and my mission is one and only: bringing *you* a taste, some scorching hot teasers and samples from AmateurFacialsUK weekly parties, thats the pioneer and #1 producer of bukkake content in the UK. Every week i post here all exclusive content, showing the ART FORM that is the “facial cum painting”. Most important: showcasing the wonderful women who know how to take a semen facial with style & charm, wearing an abundant, creamy semen facial mask with pride and joy, with a lovely smile of happiness on their faces. They are absolutely UNIQUE and SPECIAL ladies, and fellow bukkake fans and enthusiasts worldwide DESERVE to know about them!

All the content used here is copyright and 2257, for adults only, and posted here with special permission from AFUK.

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"Porn Is vital to freedom. A free and civilised society should be judged by its willingness to accept porn"
-Salman Rushdie.