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Jade: The British Bukkake Muse, All Hail The Queen Of Cum!

Updates Samples: July 07 /2014 : A new session with our sexy and beloved host, muse, and cum queen: the one and only JADE SWALLOWS. Shes not called The Queen of UK Bukkake for nothing! And here, once again, shes absolutely in her ELEMENT, Taking creamy warm spurts of Cum on her waiting face, smiling, asking for more, giving blowjobs, begging for more cum, and the delight continues until she wears a rich in protein semen facial mask. Can some cum loving woman surpass her? I dont think so, shes so pure and genuine in her passion. You know you want it! and YOU CAN DO IT RIGHT NOW: JOIN our MEMBERS SITE!

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-Salman Rushdie.