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The Queen of Bukkake
by Neil Ellman

I am a queen

Surrounded by my men

With naked armaments

And hardened swords


The monarch of their fantasies

I accept

The honor of their contempt

Their grace

Splattered on my Face

I knee… I smile…

I close my eyes-

What joy to feel…

Their warm embrace

I, their queen…

Upon a pedestal

They, now soft and spent.

“The Queen of Bukkake” A Poem for Jade Swallows,
The Owner of AmateurFacialsUK Members Site and Muse of BritBuk.

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” It is so beautiful and strong rising out of your lap.
The head is so hot and the veins bulge from the shaft.
Clear liquid seeps from the tip and begins to run In a stream down over the ridge and onto your shaft…

You show it to me and are proud of the strength.
You like to hold it so it seems longer than it is.
You like it when I smile at you.
You like it when I talk to you about your lovely cock.

My nipples get hard when I look at your beautiful cock.  My pussy throbs and I am running with juices.

My clit aches and I rub it in circles until I jolt with pleasure. And your cock stays hard for me as I do I can’t take my eyes off your beautiful cock…

Show me how you stroke it. Work it for me. Tell me you like me watching you…

That’s right, smile at me as I watch your cock. Point it toward me.

Your balls slap as you increase the stroke, Your breathing is getting harder.

I see your hand in a blur rubbing up and down, Up and down your beautiful cock…

I want your cum on me.
On my face, please.
Cover me in semen.
Scald me with your man-milk…

Your ball sack is getting smaller. Shoot it on me!
shoot it on me!

Let me feel the extasis…

Then lie in my arms and let me hold you. Let me rock you sweetly, nestled in my bosom.

Your tired cock is small and helpless…
There is time to make it beautiful again. Your woman is here. She loves your cock. That’s my handsome man.

Your cock is rising strong and beautiful Out of your lap again.”

BritBuk British Bukkake Parties, Exclusive samples from AmateurFacialsUK

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