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“All over my face, hair, tits, mouth. Love facials.. nothing like seeing the look on ur mans face when he is about to explode!”

Jade swallows completely glazed
“I love making a man cum. It’s so easy. I love looking into their faces when they lose it. I like screamers.  Their eyes roll over, flutter. Their bodies shake. They have a wild, shocked look after. Sometimes, they laugh.  One has cried. Sometimes, they just stare at me in astonishment. I love making them shoot their semen loads all over my face, and in that same magic moment… look at them right to the eyes… the eye contact in a moment like that is pure ecstasy…” JADE DRUNK WITH MANs MILK

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"Porn Is vital to freedom. A free and civilised society should be judged by its willingness to accept porn"
-Salman Rushdie.