Gilf Lola: Older Women Need More Semen!

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The Amazing GILF Lola knows fully well that theres NO BETTER lotion for keeping her skin bright and smooth than a WEEKLY SEMEN FACIALS TREATMENT, thats why she KEEPS CUMMING BACK and recommending the treatment to all her sexy friends that look at her with ENVY! OLDER WOMEN KNOW MORE, thats a FACT. This is her 5th facials party with US and she looks younger, sexier, and hotter every time:”lol I love it, I’m amazed at how much and how often men can empty their balls for me…. maybe I’m just greedy” 

Tall Beauty Offers Her Face for Semen Painting!

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Chloe, amateur uk babe offers her face for semen painting
“The first time i got a facial… it scared the hell out of me, lol i was giving my husband a bj…. and i TOLD him to cum on my face. My husband shoots quite a lot, so i knew it was gonna be a lot, but i totally wasn’t ready for it. When he came, my eyes were closed, but after he got done, he came so much that my eyes were sealed shut.  There was a lot in my hair, as well, along with the rest of my face…. So Hot… What can i say? I LOVED IT!”
CHLOE : Her skin will be so soft in the morning!

Hannah makes her weekly visit to the skin-care-semen-lotion-SPA!

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Hannah makes her weekly visit to the skin-care-semen-lotion-Bukkake-SPA
This british mature lady really knows how to take care of her SKIN. Taking some healthy semen facials every week at one of our parties surely helps, and is a lot of sexy fun too! She rubs it all over her boobs and face and says it is really good for the skin, and she does look young for her age. The benefits of semen on a woman’s skin are scientifically proven today, and just look at her, look at that wonderful smile, is that not enough proof? Hanna Enjoys Her Protein Rich SEMEN Mask / gallery

A facial semen mask for Pixie!

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pixie wears a semen mask
Pixie is the star of a NEW bukkake party at the AmateurFacialsUK Club! Shes already a FAN FAVORITE and has showed her BUKKAKE SKILLS many times before, this skinny beautiful british secretary has a HUGE CRAVE for SEMEN and the way she PROUDLY wears THAT WARM FACIAL SEMEN MASK, with a BEAUTIFUL  SMILE on her face while her skin absorbs all the CUM PROTEIN… is… PRICELESS!  And she clearly knows the benefits, thats why she always lets it dry on her face! A SEMEN MASK FOR PIXIE.-

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