The Bukkake Woman. The Perfect Cum Queen.

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Greetings Bukkake Lovers Worldwide! Heres your Weekly Samples from the latest AFUK Update! This week.. the bukkake woman.. the perfect cum queen…the one… the only: JADE SWALLOWS! Looking so lovely, so hot and so sexy, this milf is the living proof of the wonders that cum facials and semen swallowing can truly give to a female, is NOT a mith, is REALLY the fountain of youth! The way Jade takes the control of the party, taking center stage, despunking the guys one by one, with no hurries, giving each donors cock the attention it deserves, and welcuming each facial as a unique gift offered to her with class, with passion, and with the love that a genuine and insatiable cum queen has, swallwing cum afterwards and smiling with joy. YES. This was Another Must see party! 

Tyla Moore in a new absolutely stunning performance!

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Greetings Bukkake Lovers Worldwide! Heres your Weekly Samples from the latest AFUK Update! This week.. SHES BACK! the stunning Tyla Moore Looking BETTER THAN EVER! Is a pleasure to have such a wonderful, genuine cum-queen back with us, we missed that smile, that hot body, those beautiful tits, that passionate attitude, that insatiable and pure love for cock and cum so much… well, you know, she became a members all-time favorite for a reason! In this CUMBACK party shes side-by-side with our IN-HOUSE cum queen JADE SWALLOWS, and the results as you can imagine ARE SPUNKTASTIC! With that HOT team up DRAINING the guys, giving blowjobs and taking facials with EXPERTISE and CLASS… THATS RIGHT: THIS IS Another Must see party! You gotta see her video at the members site.-

Chiara, Sexy Short Hair & A Creamy Cum Mask!

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For Your Viewing Pleasure at AmateurFacialsUK! Here are some  exclusive cum covered teasers from the sexy short haired Chiara.  Shes Back Again! This Elfin Haired British Bukkake Lover Cums Back With A Vengeance: For more semen facials and a dripping wet smile at another blooming brilliant cum party!: “Hi Guys, As you can see I have sexy short hair, a clear complexion, and a pretty smile. I enjoy flirting with men and having them flirt with me. I definitely qualify as a cock-tease. I loved this UK Bukkake party as I got to wear a gorgeous creamy jizz mask!”  YOU HAVE TO SEE the video of her wearing a  SEMEN FACIAL MASK and SMILING for pictures, while some more spunk donors give her a creamy treat. more. Join US! Get the VIDEO TODAY! and see more of the wondeful Chiara,  at Our Premium Site

Jade: The British Bukkake Muse, All Hail The Queen Of Cum!

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Updates Samples: July 07 /2014 : A new session with our sexy and beloved host, muse, and cum queen: the one and only JADE SWALLOWS. Shes not called The Queen of UK Bukkake for nothing! And here, once again, shes absolutely in her ELEMENT, Taking creamy warm spurts of Cum on her waiting face, smiling, asking for more, giving blowjobs, begging for more cum, and the delight continues until she wears a rich in protein semen facial mask. Can some cum loving woman surpass her? I dont think so, shes so pure and genuine in her passion. You know you want it! and YOU CAN DO IT RIGHT NOW: JOIN our MEMBERS SITE!

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