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Jade what a delight it is to be a member of your site the latest pics are great the girls look like they realy enjoy getting covered in spunk pls bring back dawn she was my favorite nice pair of tits too would loved to have wanked over them and emptied my spunk over her face .

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love the site, been a memeber for most of the time its been online, best on the net by far, the archives are excellent

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Great site, i still havent had the pleasure of attending one of your parties, i am in Essex and wonder if you ever cum this way with the parties. I really must see if i could join in and not get stage fright, it looks such fun.

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I just keep cumming back for more. A top site. I seem o have a thing for Kerry! She is really hot! How do we go about attending some of your parties. Keep up the good work

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After some time away, I signed up again today. And wow! So many great videos you´ve made. You deserve all the respect in the world for your fantastic job with this site. Please never stop doing this!
My absolute favorite so far is Sienna. What an incredible woman! Hope to see many vids with her in the future.

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Absolutely love this site definitely my favourite site on the whole net!! So many fantastic ladies who all so genuinely love getting covered in cum, I do love the proper amateurs more than the porn models tho!! I know finding genuine amateur girls willing to do this is not easy but it is so much sexier than actual porn actresses I think, so I hope you can keep unearthing more willing amateurs of all shapes and sizes!!

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hi, member of site about 10 years and it keeps getting better ! jade is the greatest cum queen. please keep up good work .

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Congratulations on a brilliant site! I have to admit my favourite scenes are those with multiple girls like in the Christmas parties! I’m not sure if you are open to suggestions but I would love to see a scene with one girl kneeling down whilst two other girls (standing either side) wank of guys simultaneously into the kneeling girls mouth! Good luck for the rest of the parties, and thankyou! Regards

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There are many Jade fans here but the main reason I join is for variety, which there used to be more of frankly. More new attractive women please. Jade, you should organise a crowd funding to poach a top porn star.

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A superb site and the best on the internet.
As you said the girls are amateurs which is what makes the site so brilliant. It would be nice to hear the girls give lewd encouragement now and again, that would be the icing on the cake (lol) Keep up the great work.

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Rob T.

Just joined and haven’t been disappointed, you have a great site. I joined for Abbey and would love to see more of her but would also request to see more “BBW” Big Beautiful Women, girls with pretty faces but BIG breasted and a little bit on the chubby side. I love Dawn, Abbey, and Jess, but please bring them back and add more. Finally, my personal turn on is to see women with cum on face getting fucked, which sadly we see very little of in all your videos. Usually the girls fuck some and THEN comes the bukkake, but I think many would agree that it’s SO hot when while the girls is “shagging” another man drops a good load on her face, super sexy! I look for this in every video, but it’s sadly a rare treat, would like to see more often. THANKS

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