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just join the site some incredible ladies here on the site jade of coarse i love tyla moore,missy kink,katie,rubi,who i’d most like to see is the lovely tia louise i know she only a hostess at the private club but damn how incredible tia would look all messy anyway got me fingers crossed i’ll see Tia one day on the site xx

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Just rejoined after a break, and very glad I did- Lots of gorgeous new girls, as well as favourites like Eva, Lucy B and Bonnie- plus lots more of the lovely Jade.

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Congratulations on a brilliant site! I have to admit my favourite scenes are those with multiple girls like in the Christmas parties! I’m not sure if you are open to suggestions but I would love to see a scene with one girl kneeling down whilst two other girls (standing either side) wank of guys simultaneously into the kneeling girls mouth! Good luck for the rest of the parties, and thankyou! Regards

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Great site, i still havent had the pleasure of attending one of your parties, i am in Essex and wonder if you ever cum this way with the parties. I really must see if i could join in and not get stage fright, it looks such fun.

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I joined the site today and have had a good look at some of your excellent videos! I hope to attend one of your parties some time soon. Keep up the good work !!!

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Subscibed again, and great to catch up with lots of lovely, messy girls. Katie & Monica prob my favs at moment. Tyla is fab, and I do like the glasses (didn’t at first) because the girls keep their eyes open, looking for more spunk. I do like the older ladies, Demi Pandora and Lorri are lovely to watch. Oh , and how could i overlook Lola Marie, totally spunktacular! and I Love Jade of course, keep it going!

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A superb site and the best on the internet.
As you said the girls are amateurs which is what makes the site so brilliant. It would be nice to hear the girls give lewd encouragement now and again, that would be the icing on the cake (lol) Keep up the great work.

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Very good stuff. I really appreciate photos with cum on girl’s faces and hairs. Cum on hairs makes this site unique and as i know amateur facials UK is the best for this kind of stuff.

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hi, member of site about 10 years and it keeps getting better ! jade is the greatest cum queen. please keep up good work .

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Just wanted to say I love your site. Along with Jade, your girls are amazing. Just a few that I adore: Lola, Lydia, Carly, Kerry, Eva, Bonny, Kim, Daniella, Lucy B,Tyler, Victoria, Pixie, and Fiona. For some reason I enjoy watching Fiona’s vids alot. Wish there were more of her. But anyways, thanks for all the hard work and maybe someday when I get a chance to visit the UK I can stop by.

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Hi from France, Love your stuff… Jade is really gorgeous and so are her cum-loving friends 😉

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Great site as usual would love to see Crystal and Kerry again [Especially Kerry] love to see the older ladys!
Your site makes me jizz on my keyboard

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I really love the bits that are sometimes at the end of the movies where either you or the girls talk to camera about how messy they’ve got. Some girls also give a bit of verbal encouragement through the vid to get guys cumming on their face…

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