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I am back for with this website can’t stay away it’s best bukkake site going l luv seeing u stunning women Geting covered in spunk jade u are best hope come to party empty my load on u face xxx

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What a great site. I joined on Monday night, and have now wanked myself senseless. And particularly over Sarah-Jane, Mia and Kerry. Everywhere you look on the site , it’s instant erection time.
THe girls are just so natural, no porn-star posing, and what a change from other sites with the usual single cum shot (how often faked?). Your girls just willingly take any number of loads, and then they still want more. I really liked the archive set of Jade in a blue satiny top. lovely to see the spunk spraying onto her blouse, as well as dribbling down to her lovely tits. So glad to have found this site, but my tool may take a while to recover.

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Still the very best facial site on the web and the key to its success it its amateur ! I love it when the girls comment and chat… like Kitse saying how she loved your tits; with Stephanie saying “Fuck” when she accidently got a load in her eye !! or when she was surrounded by 3 cocks and laughed and giggled saying “I know I am going to get it”

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just join the site some incredible ladies here on the site jade of coarse i love tyla moore,missy kink,katie,rubi,who i’d most like to see is the lovely tia louise i know she only a hostess at the private club but damn how incredible tia would look all messy anyway got me fingers crossed i’ll see Tia one day on the site xx

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There are many Jade fans here but the main reason I join is for variety, which there used to be more of frankly. More new attractive women please. Jade, you should organise a crowd funding to poach a top porn star.

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Congratulations on a brilliant site! I have to admit my favourite scenes are those with multiple girls like in the Christmas parties! I’m not sure if you are open to suggestions but I would love to see a scene with one girl kneeling down whilst two other girls (standing either side) wank of guys simultaneously into the kneeling girls mouth! Good luck for the rest of the parties, and thankyou! Regards

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Love this site, it is the best bukkake or facial site I have seen. I love the truly amateur women the best. Nothing nicer than seeing a girl taking load after load on her face and genuinely loving it.
Would love to see more older women, and bigger women, the more normal and natural the better!

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Jade what a delight it is to be a member of your site the latest pics are great the girls look like they realy enjoy getting covered in spunk pls bring back dawn she was my favorite nice pair of tits too would loved to have wanked over them and emptied my spunk over her face .

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John B.

However would love a little interview with the lady before the start and again at the end, would also love to see more mature women and also more BBWs ( I really really liked Jess), tho Carly is my favourite!

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Bob J.

The BEST cohf site ever.. thanks for a fantastic site..xx

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