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Great site, i still havent had the pleasure of attending one of your parties, i am in Essex and wonder if you ever cum this way with the parties. I really must see if i could join in and not get stage fright, it looks such fun.

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There are many Jade fans here but the main reason I join is for variety, which there used to be more of frankly. More new attractive women please. Jade, you should organise a crowd funding to poach a top porn star.

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Love the new set of pics- you look very classy and sexy in that dress, no wonder the guys covered you in so much spunk!
Just started my day with a very enjoyable wank over your pics, looking forward to seeing the video for these!

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Terrific site. Jade you are a very special lady. I know that the site is called facials but I really enjoy the pictures where the spunk goes on the clothes, especially underwear. The final picures in the latest Jade series with the spunk on her skirt is a lovely example and seeing Mia’s blouse soaked is great.

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Still the very best facial site on the web and the key to its success it its amateur ! I love it when the girls comment and chat… like Kitse saying how she loved your tits; with Stephanie saying “Fuck” when she accidently got a load in her eye !! or when she was surrounded by 3 cocks and laughed and giggled saying “I know I am going to get it”

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Love the site, I adore seeing beautiful genuine horny amateur women getting absolutely covered in spunk!

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I just keep cumming back for more. A top site. I seem o have a thing for Kerry! She is really hot! How do we go about attending some of your parties. Keep up the good work

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I am back for with this website can’t stay away it’s best bukkake site going l luv seeing u stunning women Geting covered in spunk jade u are best hope come to party empty my load on u face xxx

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What a great site. I joined on Monday night, and have now wanked myself senseless. And particularly over Sarah-Jane, Mia and Kerry. Everywhere you look on the site , it’s instant erection time.
THe girls are just so natural, no porn-star posing, and what a change from other sites with the usual single cum shot (how often faked?). Your girls just willingly take any number of loads, and then they still want more. I really liked the archive set of Jade in a blue satiny top. lovely to see the spunk spraying onto her blouse, as well as dribbling down to her lovely tits. So glad to have found this site, but my tool may take a while to recover.

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Of all the wonderful ladies you have brought us down the years, the one I’d love to see make a cum-back is Carly. The way she smiled as she took spunk and fucked used to warm my heart. And pants.

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Big Phil

I like the amateur approach personally, that’s what it’s all about after all. In fact I’d go so far to say I’d like to see it even more amateur, ie filmed with slightly less prep, and perhaps seeing a bit more of the girls enjoying themselves. I think in all the movies here we’ve seen one or two girls having orgasms, and they are going back years. But keep up the good work overall!

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Absolutely love this site definitely my favourite site on the whole net!! So many fantastic ladies who all so genuinely love getting covered in cum, I do love the proper amateurs more than the porn models tho!! I know finding genuine amateur girls willing to do this is not easy but it is so much sexier than actual porn actresses I think, so I hope you can keep unearthing more willing amateurs of all shapes and sizes!!

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thanks for the wonderful site! For a man, it is gratifying to see beautiful women on their knees unconditionally receiving sperm on their smiling faces. The “smiling beauty” concept is epitomized by Sarah, who keeps glancing enticingly at the camera while sucking cock.

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A superb site and the best on the internet.
As you said the girls are amateurs which is what makes the site so brilliant. It would be nice to hear the girls give lewd encouragement now and again, that would be the icing on the cake (lol) Keep up the great work.

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