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Cum: Best make-up a woman can wear
Cum. The Best Make-up a Woman Can Wear!
Alice Cash Bukkake
Alice Cash Rocks, A Fabulous British MILF
Sperm provides the best treatment for smoothing out wrinkles

Cherry and Jade Having Creamy Fun Together!

Greeting Bukkake Fans Worldwide! Heres some fresh, new, and creamy samples from the latest update right from the AmateurfacialsUK members area. And what a treat we have for you all on this update TWO Hot and Horny MILFS that love cum and facials: CHERRY and JADE! Two wonderfully sexy milfs that are ALWAYS craving for CUM and ALWAYS WILLING to share some creamy and warm semen loads! You NEED to watch them having fun togheter… is a sight so hot and sexy that is very hard to forget. Genuine cum queens are not easy to find, and having two gems like Cherry and Jade having fun and taking cum facials together… is… well.. a DREAM CUM TRUE! you *must have* this AmateurfacialsUK video in *your* collection!

Curvy Lady in RED… Ready for Bukkake!

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Heres your Samples from AmateurFacialsUK Latest Update! Just a Teaser of What Inside the Members Area. This week cum target is the cute and curvy BBW DIAMOND! This adorable, sexy and curvy girl, with her next-door look and her sweet attitude gave us a another phenomenal bukakke performance. Dressed in a wonderfully sexy red outfit. Have you seen her TITS? and her SMILE? And her big tits covered in cum? and her smiling face covered in cum??? well, heres your chance my friend! You gonna absolutely love those creamy smiles of Diamond posing for the camera after each facial, showing the creamery with pride and joy! Enjoy much more of this curvy girl at our members site!

Sam: “Im your Canvas for CUM PAINTING ART”

Greeting Bukkake Fans Worldwide! Heres your UPDATE samples from AmateurfacialsUK members area, this time we have A NEW PARTY WITH ONE OF MY FAVORITES 😉 MILF SAM! You can see clearly that this HOT, sexy and curvy lady OOZING MATURE SENSUALITY absolutely loves having her lovely face decorated with mens spunk. She ABSOLUTELY ADORES offering her LOVELY MILF FACE for CUM PAINTING ART! The way she smiles with her face absolutely covered, painted with creamy warm spunk is absolutely unique. LOOK AT HER EYES, LOOK AT HER SMILE. Do you think shes acting like so many pornstars? No. Shes showing her TRUE, GENUINE LOVE for wearing a SEMEN FACIAL MASK. Thats why shes a real BUKKAKE QUEEN. Thats why shes one of our most beloved FAVORITES. And, If you are a REAL bukkake enthusiast and collector, you *must have* this new MILF SAM video in *your* collection! (members area)

Francesca with Jade: A Fantastic Bukkake Session with Two Cum Loving MILFs.

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Greeting Bukkake Fans Worldwide! Heres this week samples from AmateurfacialsUK members area, this week we have a hot & horny BRITISH MILF, a CURVY MATURE lady with an SPECIAL LOVE for CUM & Facials, in HER SECOND BUKKAKE SESSION: Kitten Francesca!  This charming MILF loved her 1st bukkake so fucking much that she booked a new one with us right after the first one was done, and she was looking at her pictures in awe. The first one was great, but believe me, this one, with our beloved CUM QUEEN JADE by her side, sharing each cock, sharing each cum load, kissing, smiling, having genuine and creamy fun… is just… EVEN BETTER! This is what happens when two sexy Cum loving MATURE, EXPERIENCED ladies get together, they have fun, got creamed, and make a MEMORABLE Bukkake session! If you are a TRUE bukkake enthusiast and collector, you *must have* this FRANCESCA 1st BUKKAKE video in *your* collection!

A Picture Perfect Bukkake with LARA!

lara j picture perfect bukkake

Greeting Bukkake Fans Worldwide! Heres this week samples from AmateurfacialsUK members area, this week we one of our new favorite ladies, the lovely Lara J.! This amateur and down to earth babe surprised us all with her first bukkake performance, it was such a fantastic party, and truly enjoyed it, so booked a new party. And here it is, and let me tell, this ONE SURPASED her previous BUKKAKE, this one was even MORE INTENSE, more rich in cum loads, in smiles, and in PICTURE PERFECT moments!  Theres nothing like having a TRUE AMATEUR offering her lovely face for a wonderful creamery, theres no acting here, just pure CUM LOVING attitude, ARE YOU GOING TO MISS HER VIDEO? JOIN the members area TODAY and ENJOY ALL THE GOODIES!

Donna, the Busty British Bukkake Legend.

British Bukkake Legend DONNA

Greetings Bukkake/Facials Fans Worldwide! Heres an special TRIBUTE to a British Bukkake LEGEND: the BUSTY WONDER DONNA X! Have a good look at this IMPRESSIVE MILF. Look at those amazing curves, those big, perfect tits (alll natural 38EE) that curvy body, that sexy face… and last but not least: Her pure, genuine, and insatiable love for creamy warm spunk! Shes over 50 and looks absolutely FANTASTIC, maybe having so much cum on her face is her beauty secret? Shes a genuine spunk addict who is ALWAYS WILLING TO PLEASE! Offering her face as canvas for cum painting art, giving the most passionate blow jobs, and most of all loving what she does, loving and cherishing each and every cum load that is gifted to her. A True CUM QUEEN.

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