bukkakeartist charlie  Charlie & Jade: Bukkake Beauties!
Updates Samples: April 20 /2014 :
Charlie with Jade! Charlie is back! this precious, charming, busty MILF joins forces with Cum Queen Jade for a bukkake party that is sure to become a classic! Her smiles, her attitude, her true love for the creamy cum the donors were gifting her, all was combined to make of this party a feast for your eyes!  Do you have Charlie previous bukkake party video in your collection? and Jade latest ones? you can have them all, you MUST HAVE THEM ALL! Join our Members Site, is Fast, is Easy, is Secure and is made for bukkake enthusiasts like you and I!

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For Your Visual Pleasure! IMG Samples from Jade Latest Facials Party! A Cum Queen in Her Element. You can see how she offers her lovely face for the semen painting, the way the cum ropes splash on her, her delighted reaction and then, looking for the camera, posing for it, smiling with pure joy with warm semen drops still dripping from her cheeks, her hair… Shes an Artist of Bukkake. This is ART. Cum Queens are Made of This. Have you got ALL her Videos on your PRIVATE collection? You should! Shes the absolute best, and you can have them all HERE.

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bukkakeartist jade Jade. Profession: Bukkake Artist.
Updates Samples: April 13 /2014 :
Jade. The Queen of British Bukkake! What can i say about this amazing woman that i havent said already? shes the muse of this site, a woman that knocks you down with her glance and makes your cock explode like no other. And the way she welcums each one of those cum gifts,  smiling, feeling the joy and the warmness of every semen drop  ;) Do you have her full videos in your private collection? you should. Dont waste more time enjoy them ALL TOGETHER  Right Here.

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AbbeyChubbyMILF britbuk Adorable Curvy MILF Loves The Creamy Cum on Her Face
A GEM from Our UK Bukkake Vaults!
The absolutely Charming, Adorable ABBEY! in her 2nd Bukkake party with us, a facials party that became an INSTANT classic! This curvy MILF with her pink and black lingerie outfit offered her pretty sweet Milf Face for a nice Cum creamery with an attitude and a charm that leaved us all BREATHLESS, and asbolutely dried of cum too! not a single drop was missed! all for Abbey ;) 
Abbey Bukkake Party GALLERY

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Heres a SNEAK PEEK at AmateurFacialsUK Latest Two Bukkake Parties, One with the exotic and cute Aliyah, and the other with the Curvy and Horny Milf Luise. They Both Get Nicely Covered. Oh yeah, They are *Unique as Gems* and They Share a GENUINE LOVE for SPUNK!!!! Thats Why We Love Our British Bukkake Babes! ;) (Support the Cause! JOIN US!)

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aliyah britbuk1 Aliyah Wearing a Facial Semen Mask with Pride!
Updates Samples: March 30 /2014 :
Aliyah Second Bukkake Party! a fantastic facials party shoot with Aliyah, she loved her first bukkake party so we arranged a new one as soon as possible, she was very anxious to be back. So lovely to see her getting covered, and loving every splash of it! ;) True amateur facials & bukkake sites made for real connoisseurs are very, very scarce, just a few are still alive and fighting to keep producing the best content.  Our members site is the pioneer and leader in the UK-Bukakke scene. We are here for you. Enjoy the  Full Videos of ALL our parties TODAY  Right Here.

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