Britbuk is an adults-only website dedicated to feature, show and display some of
the greatest british bukkake XXX content ever. And the adorable ladies that make
it possible, lovely cum queens willing to receive facial cumshots and wear a
facial cum mask with a warm smile. Content filmed in a Private Club in the UK,
old, vintage/classic (AmateurfacialsUK) and new (Splatbukkake).

Canvas for Cum Painting Art. Bukkake Facials.

Featuring amateurs, escorts, pornstars and even horny housewifes (milfs and gilfs),
this is the kind of raunchy amateur-style content that is original and down to earth
in deep contrast with the artificial, repetitive, detached and corporate porn
content that is produced by most industry websites. It looks and feels artificial.
Our content features regular people (just a little kinky) in a club. Thats all.

UK Bukkake Legend: MILF Bonny Epson.-

This site (BritBuk) started a long time ago, featuring and promoting some of the most
amazing amateur bukkake parties hosted by the legendary british cum queen
Jade Swallows. Her site AmateurFacialsUK was the best back then. For many years
it was the best UK Bukkake site with the amateur-feel we love so much, and with
the always impressive and always extraordinaire Jade Swallows, a real and genuine
cum queen, a woman with an unsurpassed passion for hard cocks and creamy cum
facials. It became the trademark in british bukkake for many years.

BritBuk: The British Bukkake Specialist. Bukkake Amateur Facials
Jade Swallows in one of her bukkake parties for AmateurFacialsUK circa 2018.

Many ladies that participated in those (now classic) bukkake parties with
Jade Swallows in THE PRIVATE CLUB between 2008 and 2020 became legends in
the genre. Some parties were so wonderful and produced such amazing bukkake
facials imaginery that many fans fell in love with many of them. To name a few of
those amazing ladies: Donna XXX, Pandora 69, Abbey, Sandy, Kerry, Demi,
Tyla Moore, Carly Cumslut, Bonny Epson, Crystal Saunders, Eva Legover,
and many others.

Vintage AmateurFacialsUK Content with Jade Swallows. Early parties. Circa 2000.

That changed in 2020. Time goes by and AmateurFacialsUK ceased to produce
new content. The site wasnt hosting new parties or producing new content.
From that time on, they just posted vintage and classic content from years ago.
Many of the ladies (mostly milfs and matures) featured there were also retiring
from the porn biz or from the bukkake scene. A new chapter was beginning.

SplatBukkake Star Annabelle Lee. Circa 2023.

So, a new player emerged on the market: SplatBukkake started growing
and getting better, producing new amateur-style content every single week.
Consistently until it became, clearly the best bukkake content producer in the UK.
Bukkake content is hard to produce nowadays, is the fetish we love but is hard
to find real, genuine cum queens willing to be filmed. Splatbukkake has been
working hard month after month to keep producing new XXX content
with that particular and special british style.

The new generation of British Bukkake Babes.

Nowadays, BritBuk main sponsor and #1 recommendation for british porn
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Splatbukkake star Tyla Moore.

In Splatbukkake you will find a mix, some ladies of the old guard,
with MILFs, escorts and amateurs that have been part of the old guard
of british bukkake babes, and many of the new blood, the new generation
of cum queens. Fresh ladies that are willing to make an impact in the scene.
Amazing ladies that love sex, love cum, love facials, and most of all,
are willing to wear a facial cum mask with a smile of pride and joy.-

SplatBukkake Star: Sunflower Doll, Circa 2023.