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The “cum is good for your skin” Myth

Heres some STEAMY HOT SAMPLES from last week AmateurfacialsUK Facials/Bukkake Party with: CUM QUEEN JADE SWALLOWS! The Queen is back, shes always ready for more creamy warm cum on her face, and well, just look at her skin, she looks 10 years younger at least! Myths are not always false, this one, that says that Semen is actually beneficial for the skin, seems to be VERY TRUE actually. And looking at JadeĀ“s face, her bright smooth skin, her young look and smile we have living proof of how true it is. I think ALL our British bukkake Babes can give assurance that the Myth is NOT false at all. Meet all our ladies in the members area.

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"Porn Is vital to freedom. A free and civilised society should be judged by its willingness to accept porn"
-Salman Rushdie.